Cream Milk

Instant Full Milk Cream Powder manufactured from freshly, separated Australian Skim Milk . The liquid whole milk is pasteurised, standardised to the required level of milk fat, evaporated into a concentrate, agglomerated, lecithinated and spray dried into a powder form. It is cream in color

We supply instant full cream milk powder made from fresh premium quality full cream cows milk by a spray-drying process. Rich and creamy in taste, these full cream milk powder have all the nutrients and vitamins present in fresh milk. The full cream milk powder mixes easily in hot or cold water and can be used for making hot and cold drinks, yogurt, sweets,milkshakes and for adding to breakfast cereals.

Instant Whole Milk Powder has a clean flavour and optimum reconstitution characteristics. Instant milk powder enriched with nutrients, available in instant version, enriched with calcium, developed especially for human necessities.